Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF 2.4

A free PDF reader that's impressively quick

Sumatra PDF is a basic PDF viewer that aims to make viewing PDFs as quick and light as possible. View full description


  • Opens PDFs very quickly
  • Good for eBooks


  • Few extra features
  • Cannot create or edit PDFs


Sumatra PDF is a basic PDF viewer that aims to make viewing PDFs as quick and light as possible.

In the world of PDFs, applications to view and edit can get bloated quickly. The more features you add, the slower the programs become, a problem that blights lots of otherwise excellent applications.

Sumatra PDF aims to overcome this by cutting out almost all of the features that weight other PDF editors and viewers down. Of course, to be so streamlined it has few configuration options and won't let you edit or create documents, but if you only want to view the occasional PDF, if will do the job really well.

Great language options and good zoom and search functions are two extra features that add to Sumatra PDF's good points. It opens large files quickly and efficiently, and has a series of hotkey commands that make working with PDFs even easier. Help is online only, but Sumatra PDF is such a simple program that we doubt you'll have any problems.

Sumatra PDF - very quick, but extremely basic.


  • fixes for a few crashes

Sumatra PDF supports the following formats

PDF, XPS, DjVu, CBZ and CBR.

Sumatra PDF


Sumatra PDF 2.4

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